El Puerto de Santa Maria

Our camp is located in the wonderful small town of El Puerto de Santa Maria. The installation is 15 minutes walk from both the nearest beach and the town centre, and is just 10 minutes from the nearest hospital. El Puerto is a town renowned for local Spanish tourism rather than international tourism, making it a great place to learn Spanish. With its mild climate (for Southern Spain) cooled by its Atlantic Ocean location, it is a fantastic place to attend summer camp while learning about the vibrant Andalusian culture and, of course, practising Spanish!

location (1)

Highlights of El Puerto de Santa Maria

  • Located in the very heart of the wonderful Bay of Cadiz
  • More than 15 km of smooth sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and pine forest surroundings, making it an idyllic spot
  • Hospitality of the local portuenses (people from El Puerto) is famed throughout Spain
  • Rich cultural past of the area (Columbus set sail from here)
  • Small and safe atmosphere
  • Renowned for Spanish, not foreign, tourism
  • Mild Southern Spain climate, often up to 5-10C cooler than Seville or Madrid
  • Camp located within walking distance of beach, city centre and hospital

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