Day Camp

Innovative multinational and multilingual camp / intensive Spanish classes / day trips, sports and activities / fabulous location in southern Spain

Day Camp

Day Camp at Spark involves all of the learning, excitement and fun of Residential Camp, but with campers staying in their own offsite accommodation with family.The camp offers a variety of ways for juniors and teenagers to learn Spanish in the gorgeous Andalusian sunshine, while also gaining valuable cultural insight into the Spanish way of life. Half Day covers pre-class games and supervision plus 4 hours of class, while Full Day Camp involves the same plus Arts and Crafts/Projects, 4 hours of Sports, and lunch and a snack.


What’s included?


FULL DAY (as half plus)


2 weeks: 26.07.20 — 08.08.20 or 09.08.20 — 22.08.20

4 weeks: 28.07.20 — 24.08.20

Dates to be confirmed

2 weeks: Half Day 399€ / Full Day 729€

Prices to be confirmed

4 weeks: Half Day 769€ / Full Day 1349€



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